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Marina Expands into South Florida

IGY Marinas is the number one destination for luxury yachts in the United States, under the management team including Andrew Farkas and Frank Garrison. Miami marinas are known for providing safe accommodations for yachts and super-yachts. A Miami marina is known for its comfortable space to dock your yacht along with surge proof deep-water marinas. IGY Marinas attracts vessels of all sizes with full service marinas and present a remarkable opportunity to showcase its services. IGY Marinas is excited about bringing in the new year with a marina in South Florida. It will provide a remarkable hot-spot for yachts, captains, and crew with unmatched amenities and space.

Buildings Go Green in the Cayman Islands

Let’s start at the foundation and iconic mark of cities: buildings. A new building in Camana Bay, a wonderful town center with restaurants and shopping in Grand Cayman, has achieved a notable green standard and is the first in the Caribbean to do so.

Signs that you need to replace your Maryland Windows

There are a few companies you may want to consider acquiring your window restoration services from. To name a few:
Thomson Creek Window Company (located in Lanham, MD)
-Wheaton Door and Window Company (Located in Beltsville, MD), Quality Window & Door Inc. (Located in Beltsville, MD.)

The Benefits of Using Facebook for Real Estate Leads

Facebook is more than just a social media site for sharing photos of your family or writing about politics. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites online and attracts billions of followers on a daily basis. Facebook is also a place to market a business. The potential for generating real estate leads should be obvious to even the most green real estate agent. According to .real estate educator Than Merrill, “There is one area that even new investors can master in a short period of time: Social Media. As it stands, social media platforms may be the single most important tool for investors of every level.”