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Tooth Fairy iPhone Games

The real tooth fairies is a unique fairy tale that gives little kids a beautiful thing to believe in. Tooth fairy games are all over the iPhone app marketplace, and little kids and even adults will find these games fun and interesting. Give these games a shot if you want to play around with the idea of a tooth fairy.

Not just candy crush: apps supporting the construction industry

Latista offers a complete field management software solution aiming to overall reduce delays and paperwork. This punch list app has a feature that not only improves quality control by detecting any issues, but also improves communication by sending out automatically generated reports to subcontractors and owners.

Lenovo taken to task over ‘malicious’ adware

The company told the BBC in a statement: “Lenovo removed Superfish from the preloads of new consumer systems in January 2015. At the same time Superfish disabled existing Lenovo machines in the market from activating Superfish.

BIM Apps to Increase Productivity

BIM apps take advantage of computer aided design (CAD) software in order to create full, detailed 3D models. This way, members of the construction team can not only see what work needs to be accomplished, but how the project is going to look when completed.