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Fun Apps Your Kids Are Sure To Love

As the technological world has evolved so have cell phone apps and Howard...

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Startups on the Rise

Everyone today is trying to think of the next best idea and the best way to streamline a certain area of life and make things all around easier. Technology in general has improved efficiency, but has definitely created some unwarranted stress from constantly feeling the need to be connected. One of the initial issues that come with a creative concept is finding the funding to actually put your plan into effect. Companies like Advantage Capital Partners have a sole purpose of investing in entrepreneurial small businesses that don’t always have the funding to get off the ground.

Tooth Fairy iPhone Games

The real tooth fairies is a unique fairy tale that gives little kids a beautiful thing to believe in. Tooth fairy games are all over the iPhone app marketplace, and little kids and even adults will find these games fun and interesting. Give these games a shot if you want to play around with the idea of a tooth fairy.