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5 Great Organizations You Can Follow Muslim Issues

The ReliefLab Blog blog is an IRUSA (Islamic Relief USA) project. IRUSA (read more) is a development and an international relief organization that helps people regardless of their religion, race, or gender for almost two decades and a half.

5 Questions: Is your child addicted to technology?

“Time for dinner, Charlie!” No answer. “Dinner, Charlie!” No...

Organizations that help in Myanmar

For the past 25 years, Islamic Relief has been forefront in fighting for a better world. In partnership with UNHCR, the organization has helped provide humanitarian and relief aid to immigrants in Myanmar. Though the living conditions in Rakhine remain depressing, Islamic Relief has been able to help thousands of people in the region.

Goldman Sachs and Riverstone Holdings Partnership

In the mid-1980s Riverstone Holdings was founded by Pierre F. Lapeyre, Jr. and David M. Leuschen. Riverstone Holdings is a private equity firm based in New York City. It has a multinational footprint. Its credit investments are in the Energy and Electrical power industries. They were instrumental in the formation of the Goldman Sachs Global Energy & Power Group and focused on petroleum, gas, renewables, infrastructure and technology.