5 Great Organizations You Can Follow Muslim Issues

Here are the five great organizations that you can follow Muslim Issues all over the world.

1. Muslim Matters

This blog debates on the social ethics, intellectual traditions, and political situation of the muslim life. Muslim Matter is an online magazine launched in 2007 as an association between Shuyukh and various bloggers to bring awareness to issues facing Muslims, particularly in the West. It has focused on the following issues:

• Family
• Civil Rights
• Politics
• Ethics
• Society
• Religion

The magazine also focuses on random issues coming up from time to time, all with a mixture of humor and ranting. They are providing a platform for conventional thought leaders to influence positive change. The blog posts an average of four posts every week.

2. The Islamic Monthly (TIM)

Based in the United States, and launched on Jan. 2011, TIM is a nonreligious, independent, publication fostering public discussions on a wide range of concerns and issues associated with the modern world. They are proud of being a magazine that’s independent, and it’s not associated with any of the following:

• Political agenda
• Religious Ideology
• Group
• Organization
• Government
• Organization

The TIM blog has four new posts every week.

3. Islamic Relief (ReliefLab Blog)

The ReliefLab Blog blog is an IRUSA (Islamic Relief USA) project. IRUSA (read more) is a development and an international relief organization that helps people regardless of their religion, race, or gender for almost two decades and a half.

The ReliefLab’s aim is to be community growth vehicle by facilitating conversations, sharing ideas and stories, and working together towards a better world. The story of Islamic Relief started in the year 1984 when postdoctoral students established the family of Islamic Relief in England responding to the famine that was affecting the region of eastern Africa. In 1993, Islamic Relief USA was established to help people suffering all over the world.

4. Productive Muslim’s Blog

The blog looks in the Seerah, the Quran as well as the Islamic civilization history for life hacks and snippets that make people life productive. They release one post every month.

5. The Muslim Issue (TMI)

Based in New York, NY, it’s a non-profit and non-partisan geopolitical think tank that’s committed to educating the public on medieval fascism. TMI blog has 13 new posts every week.

These are the five organizations you can follow to know Muslim issue; you can check their blog posts to know more.

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