5 Questions: Is your child addicted to technology?

“Time for dinner, Charlie!”

No answer.

“Dinner, Charlie!”

No answer.


Charlie is texting on his phone. Or maybe it’s one of those computer games again. Either way, he’s not paying attention.

Is this just the typical nuisance? Or is it something worse? Is Charlie actually addicted to his cellphone?

Lisa Strohman, a clinical psychologist and “technology wellness specialist,” says many kids really are addicted to their phones, their tablets, their technology.  She spoke about the issue earlier this summer at the annual conference of the National Association of Secondary School Principals in Philadelphia.

Strohman, the author of “Unplug: Raising Kids in a Technology-Addicted World,” also is the director of the Technology Wellness Center in Scottsdale, Ariz., which she cofounded with Melissa Westendorf.  The women met while they were in the Drexel and Villanova joint degree program in law and psychology.  Strohman also founded Digital Citizen Academy, which provides programs to educate children, parents, and educators about the safe use of technology.

Source: Philly.com

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