Best Army tactical organizations to follow on Twitter

If you’re on social media, you probably follow hundreds of pages, and, most likely, don’t pay attention to more than half of them. No matter what your interests are, there are pages that you should be following, and these are Army tactical organizations on Twitter. In this article we will be discussing five of the best Army tactical organizations to follow on twitter.

1. ADS Inc

ADS tactical is a certified account on Twitter, meaning that, when you follow their account, you will see a blue check mark next to their name. This adds a lot of credibility to their account since there cannot be another account with their same name. Ads tactical serves the Department of Defense, Federal Government Agencies, First Responders, Humanitarian Organizations, Partner Nations, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, and Major Prime Contractors. Their online catalog has over three thousand manufacturers and over fifty thousand products. On their website, you have the ability to browse their online catalog for apparel, hand and power tools, lighting, human performance, and other tactical equipment. Make sure to follow their twitter page, where they constantly update their following on new events, philanthropic endeavors, and an American celebration.

2. London Bridge Trading

London Bridge Trading (LBTINC) is very similar to ADS Tactical in their products and website approach, but their twitter is a bit different. At the LBTINC twitter page, you won’t be bombarded with useless information or re-tweets you don’t want to see. Your feed will be full of new tactical products and if you want to visit their page directly, you are more than welcome to do so. Their website is tailored in a store fashion, getting right to the point, and selling products. You should follow the LBTINC twitter page for constant equipment updates.

3. Tactical Inc

Tactical Inc’s logo resembles the new movie’s “TopGun” logo with the wings on the side. This is no surprise, since it is a tactical page, but in a different and unique way. While the previous twitter pages were all about real products, and real war tactics, this twitter page is focused on online war tactics. For a less intense, but war related feed, follow this page.

Author: ampmin

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