Buildings Go Green in the Cayman Islands

“We’re going green”. A phrase commonly used to show a company’s steps towards sustainable environmental methods. With global warming looming, now more than ever it is essential for companies to take eco-friendly practices into consideration, for the sake of their image and for the sake of the environment. One such measure that has already been employed is making the buildings these companies work in environmentally friendly.

Think about cities for a minute: large towering buildings surrounded by infrastructure, the culmination of human design and engineering. Cities are often viewed are cultural hubs and can define certain regions. However, cities are not currently viewed as environmentally friendly, but what if that was different?

Let’s start at the foundation and iconic mark of cities: buildings. A new building in Camana Bay, a wonderful town center with restaurants and shopping in Grand Cayman, has achieved a notable green standard and is the first in the Caribbean to do so. Some of its environmentally friendly features include solar panels, solar LED lighting, toilets flushed by collected rainwater, environmentally friendly coolants for the air-conditioning and drought-resistant plants that do not need to be watered. People working here have noted that this environmentally friendly ambiance they work in has helped promote a positive working environment.

Other buildings are following suit. A building in India was built from only recycled materials and made to include as much natural lighting as possible. Another building was created to act as a carbon filter through its extensive rooftop gardens. Among all the negative media coverage of environmental damages, it is inspiring to see buildings with sustainable environmental practices. It is imperative they continue taking such measures. When buildings and businesses commit to environmentally friendly methods, they not only begin creating a healthier environment but also invest in money-saving techniques. The positive results of utilizing renewable energy resources extend not only to the environment but to the people working there.

Now think of the color green. Green brings to mind pictures of lush forests and flourishing plants. When buildings go green they’re committing to approaches that protect this important green image that defines our earth. Buildings like 18 Forum Lane, Camana Bay are leading the way in implementing sustainable environmental practices into modern cities. By following their lead, cities can begin to have a greener future.

Author: ampmin

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