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As the technological world has evolved so have cell phone apps and Howard Bollinger inventions. These days, there seems to be an app just about anything. Cell phone apps are often created for practical use and entertainment purposes. They are designed to appeal to all age ranges and cover many facets of everyday life. Parents tend to love these children-based apps as they often serve as a nice distraction for their kids. Whether it be some sort of game they can play or an app to make parenting more fun, they are out there.

You would not believe the amount of apps that are out there for the Tooth Fairy. There are actually some very fun and creative apps for parents, too! One of our favorite Tooth Fairy apps is I Saw the Tooth Fairy. This is a fun and interactive app for parents. All you need to do is taking a photo of your child while they are sleeping. Then, just a few moments later a graphic of a flying Tooth Fairy will appear, which you can then edit as an overlay to your photo. You can then save the image and when your child wakes up in the morning after they have lost their tooth, you can show them the image of the Tooth Fairy flying overhead as they were sleeping and watch their priceless reaction!

Another fun app relating to the Tooth Fairy is Tooth Fairy Voicemail. This is a free app that parents can use to allow their kids to call the Tooth Fairy. As they place the call, her voicemail will promptly pickup and gives callers the option to report a wobbly tooth or request a visit from the Tooth Fairy to collect a tooth that has fallen out. There is also the option for kids to leave a general voicemail. This is particularly helpful if you have an eager child who wants to thank the Tooth Fairy for her visit. Children are truly entertained by the ability to interact with the Tooth Fairy within this app. They will surely get a kick out of being able to leave her a personalized message!

There are a variety of Tooth Fairy specific apps out there. They are all designed to enhance your children’s imagination and create a fun and vibrant experience for them. They’re sure to get excited once they see an image of themselves sleeping with a flying Tooth Fairy in the background and being able to leave her a voicemail message!

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