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Montana Jack’s is a restaurant located in the Stillwater Valley. Jack Hanna the famous zookeeper used to own the restaurant but unfortunately it is now closed and up for sale.

Gena Burghoff and Chris Lockhart used to operate a restaurant and are now working with investors on the opening of a new restaurant. It will be named the Ox Pasture and is located in downtown Red Lodge. They received this opportunity from David and Alexia Leuschen who own the Switchback Ranch and have invested in the restaurant. Burghoff feels the population in the area can easily support the restaurant and that it will be a success.

Lockhart was the head chef as well as the manager at Montana Jack’s for three years. The restaurant was near the old Benbow mine. Jack and Ann Mowell originally bought and extensively renovated the restaurant in 2010.

Hanna operated the restaurant with his brother Bush in the 1990’s. The name then was Montana Hanna’s. Jack is a resident of Montana and is extremely well known for his conservation, books and the advocacy he has shown for zoos. At one point in time he appeared often on the late night talk show with David Letterman.

The restaurant as well as the bar go back to the 1950’s. Known as the Y Bar they served chromium miners around the time of World War II. The restaurant is square and encompasses 128 square feet. It rests on a lot of 2.15 acres. There is an entertainment facility outside and a building designed for events. Colbert Real Estate has the property listed for $657,500.

Burghoff feels the place has a special feel to it. He, along with investors Alexia and David Leuschen, is hopeful the new owners can make it successful again. Although Stillwater looks like a ghost town now Montana Jack’s was once the best restaurant anywhere in Dean.

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