Marina embraces technology with new boating app

Technology is changing the way many industries work and add to the better workings of the business. This is the case for IGY Marinas that has partnered with Boatyard. The Boatyard is in the technology industry that focuses on the boating industry. They created an app that IGY Marinas has partnered with them on because it helps boaters to schedule maintenance, get fuel delivery and more. The app allows boat captains/ owners with their smartphones and a few clicks to not only get fuel delivery but cleaning and other things needed to keep the ships on the water. This makes it simple to make orders without having to wait or even make them ahead of time.

Then the IGY Marinas Anchor Club partners are preloaded onto the app this is a one-click resource for boaters. Founder Andrew Farkas ( serves as Chairman of IGY. The company will have this at their South Florida Marina One Island Park. This is located in Miami Beach and this location will have five devices in house that can be used. Boat owners can also download the app on iTunes to their Apple devices. The app is also available on Google Play and the App Store for customers to download. The app technology makes it possible to make orders quickly and has payment capabilities. After the app is downloaded by the boat owner it is easy to install the service by opening the app and selecting Marina and One Island Park. Then it is possible to order services for guests of One Island Park Marina.

Customers with questions will not go unanswered by IGY Marinas. Customer questions will go to the operations manager Gill Wojnwich and his team to be answered. Mr. Wonjwich said about the app is the direct order and payment capabilities it has been made simple but they want to make certain that it fulfills the needs of every customer. He said once they know the app is working for everyone they have plans to expand what the app to other locations.

The CEO of IGY Marinas Tom Mukamal commented about the technology of the app saying that it creates a new way to build their brand with new clients because of their partnership with Boatyard and the app. The Anchor Club Strategic Partners program provides a platform for customers and the app lets IGY reach customers in a new way because of technology. Mr. Mukamal looks forward to building their brand with customers with the progress of technology.

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