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You would think that after gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1948 Myanmar would become a pleasant country to live in. But NO! Shortly after gaining independence, Myanmar broke into a series of insurgencies and endless war among themselves. It is for this reason that local and foreign organizations have been on the front line in helping whenever and however they can. Over the years, donors have developed a keen interest in this Southeast Asian nation by digging down in their pockets and offer to support the best way they can. In the year 2013, Myanmar received a whopping $4.5 billion in aid donation. NGOs are now looking to venture into long-term development sectors such as
• Health
• Environment
• Livelihoods
• Civil society
• Education
Some of the NGOs and humanitarians organizations helping and based in Myanmar are as listed.

Islamic Relief
For the past 25 years, Islamic Relief USA has been forefront in fighting for a better world. In partnership with UNHCR, the organization has helped provide humanitarian and relief aid to immigrants in Myanmar. Though the living conditions in Rakhine remain depressing, Islamic Relief has been able to help thousands of people in the region.

Women’s Organizations Network of Myanmar (WON)
In 2008, WON was established to give support to the men and women of Burma. WON is a network comprising of 30 organizations that operate in Myanmar. The women’s organizations network core value is to advocate and help in non-conflict and conflict situations as well as contribute to the safety, well-being, peace, equality, justice, and health of the community in Myanmar. WON, together with fundamental stakeholders work towards a positive and social change in areas of Mon State, Karen State, and Shan State.

Population Services International
For 20 years, Population Services International has helped Myanmar reduce disease affliction. Its main focus is addressing the effects of malaria, HIV and AIDS, diarrhea, maternal and reproductive health, and pneumonia. As one of the largest NGOs in Myanmar, PSI is working towards a disease free nation in Myanmar by delivering excellent health services and products. With more than 1,500 specialists and 8,000 pharmacy outlets, PSI is achieving its mission day by day.

World Vision
World Vision is basically a Christian development and relief organization in Myanmar which has been effective since 1991, its office is in Yangon. World Vision dedicates itself to working hand in hand with families and children. The main focus for World Vision is generally on economic development, health, helpless children, and education.

These are just but a few of the organizations based in Myanmar. For the few interested people who want to part of the solution, joining organizations in Myanmar is a good place to start. Donate your energy and time. Peace starts with you and me.

Author: ampmin

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