Real Estate Booming in Southern California

The real estate market in San Diego, California is changing. It is changing in all of California and Florida, New York and New Mexico. In all of America change is taking place. Usually any particular real estate market can be described as a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, now that dynamic has changed.

Decades ago during one seller market, a seller would list a property with a real estate agent and let prospective buyers begin a buyer’s battle for the property. Buyers would place an offer with the listing agent of full asking price and then be ready to raise their bid price when others had matched that price. The economy in the United States of America was extremely strong. People were optimistic about the economy and everything else about their lives. It was a time when banks were full of money and were lending to anyone. This time would soon end.

Today’s real estate market is more complex and requires more than a real estate agent to ride customers around neighborhoods in comfortable sedans and help with the pick and choose. It marks the beginning of a more sophisticated real estate agent, educated not only in housing markets but aware of the changing economic and demographic make-up of their area of work. This type of real estate agent is educated in real estate law, and has a hands on attitude about the real estate market in his or her areas of work. It was the beginning of the real estate gurus like Than Merrill.

Thanks to the Naval Base in San Diego and the 26,000 sailors, contractors and other workers, the San Diego real estate market should remain a strong vibrant market for sales and rentals. California has always been a great place to live and work. Its climate is beneficial to those wanting to lead healthy, happy lives. The climate, without roof damaging snow loads like in the Northeast or wind damages from tornadoes in the Central states, allows for low maintenance and repair costs for homes in this idyllic area.

Get in touch with a Real Estate Guru in San Diego, soon, you’ll be in good hands when you do.

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