Relief organizations that help people in distressed Islamic regions

Relief organizations are humanitarian agencies that deliver aid to the neediest people that have suffered from natural mishaps or live in war torn or conflict zones. Providing relief aid to warn stricken region of the Middle East, aims to nourish the population there that already lacks access to even the basic resources like water. The Middle East consists of countries that are predominately Muslim. It makes up 3.07% of the world’s population. A huge number of children, women and men alike are in need of immediate food, water, and shelter. Along with sustenance and healthcare, relief organizations may also provide necessary funding to help the people of Middle East. Below are some charities that operate in the Washington DC/Virginia areas, feel free to explore their services and policies before you decide on making a donation:

Islamic Relief USA

IRUSA began by the postdoctoral students who founded the Islamic Relief family in England in 1984, as a response to famine that occurred in the Horn of Africa. In 1993 Islamic Relief USA was founded in California by an independent affiliate. Islamic Relief USA is comprised of a community of good will staff, volunteers, supporters, affiliates, partners and donors (who have been working together for about 25 years). IRU envisions a world free of poverty. The organization provides aid for children and refugees, water and sanitation, emergency response, healthcare and much more.

United Muslim Relief

United Muslim Relief (UMR) is a registered non-profit organization that focuses on building humanitarian coalitions. The organization collects donations for several purposes including emergency relief and development assistance to those in the affected areas of war torn countries. UMR’s programs aim at orphan care, development assistance, education and livelihood, water and sanitation, healthcare, emergency response and much more.

The Halo Trust

The Hallo Trust operates around the world including the Middle East. As a non-profit organization, it seeks to create a safe environment for the affectees of war or landmines. The Halo Trust currently has their volunteers working across more than 19 territories. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie provide funds to The Halo Trust charity through their Jolie-Pitt Foundation. THT recognizes the devastating impact of landmines and thus, works for the purpose of demining. The organization’s objectives are aimed at mine risk education, research and development and much more.

Humanitarian aid can work towards rebuilding a sense of community in territories struck with instability. Millions of children suffer from the lack medical facilities each year. As a result, a significant number of children succumb to preventable diseases and conditions. Medical aid is crucial to these countries and donations can enable relief organizations to provide them with expensive medications. Your contribution can help millions of children and their parents in Islamic regions survive.

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