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Divers often encounter problems and issues that may endanger their survival. This is where ADS INC. comes in with their survival equipment that will always meet the demands of the problem at hand. Atlantic Diving Supply has been supplying their survival equipment to the Navy and military for over twenty years now. They have received many nationally renowned awards and accolades due to their hard work including the Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) award.

Among the survival equipment and products, Atlantic Diving Supply offers are medical equipment. If the problem encountered needs medical attention, Atlantic Diving Supply would be ready to provide casualty evaluation, preventive medicine and a medical facility storage to the affected as part of the field diagnostics and patient care. Equipment such as Cardiac Science Power Heart Automatic Quick response package will offer services in two languages automatically, English and Latin with extra equipment included, e.g. a semi-rigid carry case, AED manager Universal Serial Bus Cable and a printed G5 user guide among others. Another equipment in the medical facility capacity is the Enova Illumination Headlight system which will offer the user bright LED headlights. They are mainly used in surgeries such as the deep cavity surgeries.

ADS also supply climbing equipment which may be used for several purposes. A Lock Carabiner is one equipment in this category used to connect devices on harnesses and connectors to ends of lanyards. The carabiners ADS offer are of proved quality and strongest, lightest carabiners available. Still, in the climbing category, ADS provide Tactical Exo used as evacuation systems through self-braking among other noble functions. With anchor points identified, the Petzl Tactical Exo may be the best equipment to use during an evacuation.
Diving accessories are also available including Aqua Lung Argonaut Attack Boards which are critical tools for professional divers. They provide precision compasses which are mounted on light-weight anodized aluminum frames. This allows them to be usable on almost all devices that are worn on the wrist and those that are mounted on board.

For personal protection, ADS offer many devices including helmets and shrouds. Helmets such as the Armor Source-Light Weight Advanced Combat Helmet provide best protective solutions to the head. The helmet is lighter than the older ACH helmets and therefore provide higher protection against all spectrums and hand gun bullets.
Atlantic Diving Supply also offers other equipment like vehicles and weapons and therefore is your best stop solution for all survival equipment.

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