The Benefits of Using Facebook for Real Estate Leads

Facebook is more than just a social media site for sharing photos of your family or writing about politics. According to real estate educator Than Merrill, “There is one area that even new investors can master in a short period of time: Social Media. As it stands, social media platforms may be the single most important tool for investors of every level. It allows you to reach an incredibly wide and diverse audience with relatively little investment. It is a critical component of every marketing campaign.”

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites online and attracts billions of followers on a daily basis. Facebook is also a place to market a business. The potential for generating real estate leads should be obvious to even the most green real estate agent. It provides a way to advertise your real estate business and to interact with potential customers on a daily basis. The odds are on the realtor’s side that a high percentage will begin to take it to the next level, so it is to any real estate businessperson’s advantage to begin to look into the technology.

Getting Started
To get started, it would be a good idea to set up a Facebook page. However, it should be a Facebook business page for your real estate agency not a personal profile page. It’s a good idea to place careful thought in the content that is posted on your page. First, insert a recent, high quality photograph of you or your team. People would like to know that the agent or agents involved are actual people. Includes several photographs with interesting captions. Take photographs of the agency building and all staff members too. The photographs are a way to encourage more interaction between the agent and potential clients. Add some information about your agency in the About Section. This is a chance to really market your real estate agency. Add links to sources that provide more information about your agency or links that visitors would find useful. Customize the page with features that create interaction. For example, a call to action button.

More Advice
Add content to your Facebook page on a regular basis. Post questions on the page that create interaction and leads. The real estate Facebook page is also a great place to post announcements about your agency, or staff. In addition, you could use the events page to announce any new properties that are available in your location or open houses coming up. This presents a great opportunity for curious people to inquire about those postings or real estate offerings. Answer all questions promptly. This assures people that you are a professional and really do care about providing great service to your clients.

Real estate agents are always grappling with ideas to attract new leads. Facebook to the rescue. Studies have shown that Facebook has given an unexpected boost to branding a business and marketing a business. Thus, making it extremely possible for real estate agents to score numerous leads.

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