The Benefits of Using Storm Doors

Installing storm doors on your home is a good idea. Storm doors provide a number of benefits. They not only create a barrier to keep inclement weather out, they also help to save energy. Some people opt for screen doors, but they do not provide the same number of benefits or the level of protection that storm doors do. This is particularly true if your primary door is old. A good storm door can prevent you from having to replace an expensive primary door. Plus home owners that purchase a storm door can also qualify for a tax credit that can be as much $500.

One of the many benefits of storm door is they create a first line of defense against inclement weather. They also help to mitigate the effect air leaks in the primary door can have on energy costs by reducing heat conduction and create an air pocket between the storm door and the primary door. That helps to provide additional insulation. Over time that can help the storm door paying for itself with the money the home owner saves on their energy bills.

Storm doors also provide additional security against break-ins, help to protect the primary door from wear and tear, and also can play a role in reducing maintenance costs. Those are great reasons to consider purchasing and installing storm doors on both the front and back doors of any home. This is especially true when you add them to the potential for energy savings and tax credits available to home owners that make home improvements that improve energy-efficiency on their primary homes.

Storm doors are easy to install. All that’s required is a screwdriver and a drill. While a professional will install it for just over $100, the home owner can install it for themselves in a few hours. You do not have to purchase an expensive storm door to get the benefits. A storm door of decent quality is enough. Some storm doors come with self-storing pocket in which glass can be installed during summer months and weather-resistant outer layers. There are also storm doors with automatic hold open and door closing features for disabled consumers that use walkers, wheelchairs, and other mobility aids to help with leaving and entering the home.

If you’re looking for an easy way to save energy and protect your home from the elements, consider installing storm doors.

Author: ampmin

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